The Eurojackpot Lottery

History Of EuroJackpot:

EuroJackpot was conceived of in late 2011 by countries not participating in the Pan-European EuroMillions lottery. These non-participating countries set about devising their own joint lottery so that they too could share in the excitement of giant jackpot draws. And giant jackpots are just what the EuroJackpot lottery is bringing to the table. Jackpot prizes will start at €10 million with the potential to rise as high as a mouth-watering €90 million! 

The first EuroJackpot draw took place on Friday, 23rd March 2012. was one of the first to bring you the news.


How to play the lottery

How To Play The EuroJackpot Lottery:

The EuroJackpot lottery follows a very similar ball selection process to the popular EuroMillions lottery structure. Number selection follows the below format: 

- Lottery players select 5 numbers from a possible 50 numbers (1 – 50)
- Lottery players then select further 2 numbers from a possible 10 numbers (1 – 10)

To win the main prize, players need to match all 7 lucky lottery numbers. For those players that don’t match all 7 numbers, there are a further 11 consolatory prize tiers.

Record Breaking Eurojackpot Draws

The EuroJackpot has a fairly sizeable rollover cap in place. The jackpot can reach a maximum of €90 million. If the jackpot is not won, additional funds will be added to the lower tier prize also to a maximum of €90 million. And so on with the lower tiers until the jackpot is finally won.

The record for the largest EuroJackpot jackpot was set on May 15th, 2015 where a lucky player from the Czech Republic won the €90,000,000.00 jackpot. This is the first and only time to date that the jackpot cap has ever been reached.

Eurojackpot originally had a rollover cap in addition to the jackpot cap. The lottery could only every rollover a maximum of 12 times. If on the 12th rollover draw, the jackpot was still not won, the jackpot amount would roll down to the lower tier.

From the 18th May 2012 to 10th August 2012 the EuroJackpot rolled continuously. On the 12th rollover draw the jackpot was still not won so the entire €27,545,858.00 top prize rolled down to the 2nd tier (match 5+1). As there was only one 2nd tier winner the total jackpot prize was effectively won by a player who didn't even match all 7 numbers. The lucky winner comes from Germany and is now one of the biggest lottery winners in German history.

The record for the second biggest jackpot paid out to date was set on September 12th, 2014 where a lucky player from Espoo in Finland won €61,170,752.70 with his Eurojackpot lottery ticket purchased online!

With the changes on Eurojackpot format implemented on the 10th October 2014 further European countries such as the Czech Republic and Hungary were incorporated into Eurojackpot to join the party with this big Euro lotto sensation.

Currently, we have now 16 countries participating in the EuroJackpot!

How to play the lottery

When To Play EuroJackpot

The EuroJackpot draw takes place once a week on Friday night. The draw itself is held in Helsinki, Finland and is broadcast on Yle TV1. EuroJackpot results will be posted on shortly thereafter.

EuroJackpot Prize Tiers

Match 5 + 1
Match 5
Match 4 + 2
Match 4 + 1
Match 4
Match 3 + 2
Match 3 + 1
Match 3
Match 2 + 2
Match 2 + 1
Match 1 + 2

Tickets for the EuroJackpot lottery are purchased by agents in Helsinki, Finland.

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